Forum Live

ForumLIVE: The evolution of targeted therapies from biologics to small molecules

7th September 2022

- Professor Peter Taylor: Interpreting clinical study designs
- Professor Rieke Alten: Endpoints
- All: How well does real world experience meet clinical trial expectation

Forum LIVE: Rationale for Treatment Selections in Inflammatory Arthritis

6th July 2022

- Professor Janet Pope: Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Professor Philip Mease: Psoriatic Arthritis
- Professor Eric Ruderman: Axial Spondyloarthritis

Forum LIVE: Precision Medicine in Rheumatoid Arthritis

15th June 2022

- Dr Grace Wright (Chair)
- Professor Ernest Choy: Precision Medicine in Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Professor Jeffrey Curtis: Precision Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Forum Live - Inhibiting Cytokine Signalling Pathways: Similarities and Differences

2nd May 2022

- Professors Peter Nash: JAK Selectivity
- Professor John Issac: Mechanisms of JAK inhibitors: the same or different?

Forum Live - Measuring RA in Practice

6th April 2022

- Professor György Nagy: The Management of Difficult-to-treat Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Professor Chris Edwards: Measuring Rheumatoid Arthritis

Forum LIVE: CV Diseases in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis

2nd March 2022

- Lai-Shan Tam: Inflammation and accelerated atherosclerosis – how can we diagnose early?
- George Kitas: The effect of biologic DMARDs on cardiovascular risk in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases