Forum LIVE: The Future of JAK Inhibitors in Gastroenterology

8th November 2023

- Silvio Danese (Chair)

Forum LIVE: Ongoing Clinical Trials in PsA

6th September 2023

- Laura Coates (Chair)

Forum LIVE: Managing Pain in Patients with RA

5th July 2023

- Grace Wright (Chair)
- Prevalence & Mechanisms of Pain in RA (Vibeke Strand)
- Clinical Strategies for the Management of Pain in RA (Alvin Wells)

Forum LIVE: Future of JAKi in Dermatology

3rd May 2023

- Brett King (Chair)
- JAK Inhibitors in Psoriasis (Melinda Gooderham)
- JAK Inhibitors for Alopecia Areata (Brittany Craiglow)
- JAK inhibitors and Vitiligo (David Rosmarin)

Forum LIVE: Extra Musculoskeletal Manifestations in SpA

15th March 2023

- Xenofon Baraliakos (Chair)
- Pedro Machado: Extra Muscular Manifestations in SpA
- Liane Gensler: Treatment Options for Extra Muscular Manifestations in SpA

CSF Webinar: Clinical Management of JAKi in Inflammatory Arthritis: Implementing Regulatory Updates

2nd February 2023

- Maya Buch (Chair)
- Anja Strangfeld: Long term safety data and FDA labelling for JAKi in RA
- Chris Edwards: European PRAC review of JAKi data
- Lorenzo Dagna: Key considerations from a clinical perspective