Forum LIVE: A 2022 Summary

11th January 2023

- Iain McInnes- Chair
- Janet Pope - A Year in Review: RA
- Philip Mease - A Year in Review: PsA
- Xenofon Baraliakos - A Year in Review: AxSpA

Forum LIVE: Treating RA patients with special considerations

7th December 2022

- Rieke Alten (Chair)
- Eugen Feist (Treatment Considerations in RA Patients with Special Considerations: Cardiovascular and Renal Disease)
- Peter Taylor (Considerations When Treating Women of a Childbearing Age in Inflammatory Arthritis)

ACR 2022 Congress Highlights Webinar

21st November 2022

With the continued release of new treatment data in RA, axSpA, and PsA, this webinar will highlight the key data presented at ACR 2022. This session will review the latest safety and efficacy data of JAK inhibitors as well as the impact on clinical practice and patient outcomes. Join us and get your cytokine signalling updates from ACR 2022.
- Leonard Calabrese (Chair): RA: A Therapeutic Update
- Laura Coates: The Modern World of PsA Treatment
- Sofia Ramiro: The Latest Advances in axSpA

CSF Webinar: Clinical Application of Recommendations on Use of JAKi in Inflammatory Arthritis

4th November 2022

- Maya Buch (Chair)
- Anja Strangfeld: Latest understandings of JAKinib safety
- Chris Edwards: EULAR 2022 Recommendations update
- Lorenzo Dagna: Key considerations from a clinical perspective

Forum LIVE: Targeting BTK in Rheumatology

2nd November 2022

- John Isaacs (Chair)
- Edward Vital: The Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase pathway – an attractive target in autoimmune disease?
- David Isenberg: Targeting the BTK pathway in SLE
- Stanley Cohen: Targeting the BTK pathway in RA

Forum LIVE: The role of JAK inhibitors in the treatment algorithm

5th October 2022

- Professor Ernest Choy (Chair)
- Professor Chris Edwards: Use of JAKi as the first advanced therapy and post-biologic
- Professor Rieke Alten: Real world data on the use of JAKi (JAKPOT study)