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June 2020

Profil d'Innocuité du Baricitinib Pour le Traitement de la Polyarthrite Rhumatoïde sur une Période Médiane de 3 ans de Traitement : Une Analyse d'Innocuité Intégrée Mise À Jour

Lancet Rheumatol 2020;2:e347–57

RA is a chronic, life-long disease requiring long-term treatment. As such, it is important to understand the long-term safety profile of DMARDs. In this analysis, baricitinib maintained a stable safety profile during long-term exposure. This baricitinib safety analysis included integrated data from nine Phase 3, 2, and 1b clinical trials, and one long-term extension, with data up to 360 weeks. 3700 patients were included, with maximum follow-up of almost 7 years – representing an additional 3,54...