Association Between Biological Immunotherapy for Psoriasis and Time to Incident Inflammatory Arthritis: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Lancet Rheumatol 2023;5:200–207 doi

Retrospective cohort study found 15 501 PsO patients in the TriNetX database during January 2014–June 2022 that were prescribed bDMARDS, of which 6.3% developed inflammatory arthritis. 3.5% of all patients in the study specifically developed PsA.

Analyses showed a significantly lower risk of PsA in PsO patients treated with IL-12/23i compared to TNFi. For inflammatory arthritis, risk of progression was significantly lower in patients prescribed IL-12/23i or IL-23i than those with TNFi. Patients prescribed with IL-17i saw no significant difference in risk compared to TNFi.