Evaluation of VTE, MACE, and Serious Infections Among Patients with RA Treated with Baricitinib Compared to TNFi: A Multi-Database Study of Patients in Routine Care Using Disease Registries and Claims Databases

Salinas, et al. evaluate baricitinib safety with respect to VTE, MACE, and serious infection relative to TNFi in patients with RA, in routine care and observe an increased risk of VTE in patients taking baricitinib, compared to TNFi.

The safety profile of baricitinib for the treatment of RA is based on clinical trial data from over 14,000 person-years of exposure, yet trial population differences and the total person-time available, limit the evaluation of uncommon events such as MACE and VTE.

This post-marketing observational study aimed to evaluate baricitinib safety in routine clinical care.