Factors Associated with Drug-free Remission at 5-year in Early Onset Axial Spondyloarthritis Patients: Data from the DESIR Cohort

Joint Bone Spine. 2022 doi.org/10.1016/j.jbspin.2022.105358

This study from Ruyssen-Witrand et al, highlights that the probability of being in drug free remission at 5-year in patients with recent onset of axSpA is low. The study was performed to investigate the possible association between demographic, clinical, biological and imaging characteristics and drug-free remission at 5 years.

Lower baseline disease activity and functional scores were associated with lower probability of remission, while starting an anti-TNF therapy was associated with poor chances of later being in drug-free remission.

In this study, 18% of patients with early onset axSpA were in drug-free remission at year-5. Patients with longer disease duration, higher HAQ-AS and ASDAS scores, baseline NSAIDs intake scores or undergoing a DMARD during the follow-up had lower probability to be in drug-free remission at year-5. Sustained inactive disease (only 9% of patients) or low disease activity (only 15% of patient) was rare. Male gender was also a predictor of sustained low disease activity with ASDAS-CRP<1.3.