Safety of ixekizumab in patients with psoriatic arthritis: data from four clinical trials with over 2000 patient-years of exposure

This analysis aimed to report the safety profile of ixekizumab for the PsA SPIRIT programme. The overall safety profile and tolerability of ixekizumab are consistent with the previously known safety profile in patients with PsA.

This is an integrated safety analysis from four clinical trials in patients with PsA who received at least one dose of ixekizumab. TEAEs and selected AEs EAIRs per 100 patient-years are reported with up to 3 years of exposure.

In addition to their main findings Deodhar, et al. reported that no new or unexpected safety events were detected. These findings are of value to physicians who treat patients in the long term with PsA using IL-17A antagonists