Drug survival of biologics and novel immunomodulators for rheumatoid arthritis, axial spondyloarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and psoriasis – A nationwide cohort study from the DANBIO and DERMBIO registries

The authors reviewed drug survival of therapies across common inflammatory skin and joint conditions from national registries.  The findings highlighted that despite the overlapping pathogenesis of these conditions there was little similarity in drug survival. This reinforces the need for an individualised treatment approach consistent with the underlying disease, patient profile and treatment history.

Amongst chronic inflammatory diseases many conditions have similar or overlapping pathogenesis. This includes RA, AxSpa, PsA and PsO. Egeberg, et al. analysed drug survival across these disease groups to better understand the effectiveness of differing treatments in divergent diseases though an analysis of real-life drug survival.  This was a nationwide cohort study using the prospective nationwide registries DANBIO and DERMBIO. Both contain treatment data for patients treated with biologics or novel small-molecule therapies.

This nationwide study also highlighted those therapies which featured the greatest drug survival within each disease population. Amongst RA patients rituximab featured the highest drug survival. Golimumab possessed the greatest drug survival in both AxSpa and PsA, whilst guselkumab had the highest drug survival in PsO patients.