Which Patient-reported Outcomes do Rheumatology Patients Find Important to Track Digitally? A Real-world Longitudinal Study in Arthritis Power

Fatigue, physical function, pain, and morning joint stiffness are the most important PROs to track, according to the rheumatology patients who experience these symptoms. Increasingly used, alongside clinical measures, to track symptoms and assess disease activity over time, patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are also important indicators of quality of life and treatment effectiveness. To enable us to better understand which PROs patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease consider most important to track for their disease management, this US-based study by Nowell WB, et al. used smartphone app technology to track patients’ PROs over time.Selected from the ArthritisPower research registry, a total of 140 participants completed the three-month study. With the option to continue tracking their chosen measures or add, remove, and/or select different measures every 28-days, at the end of the study participants then ranked the PROs they had chosen to track at any timepoint.