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May 2020

Fenebrutinib versus Placebo o Adalimumab en Artritis Reumatoide: Un estudio doble ciego aleatorizado de fase II (Estudio ANDES)

Arthritis Rheumatol. 2020 Sep; 72(9): 1435–1446.

In this randomised phase II trial with MTX treatment-refractory RA patients, greater efficacy was observed with fenebrutinib 150 mg once daily or 200 mg twice daily compared to placebo, while response rates were numerically similar to those observed with adalimumab. BTK inhibitors have demonstrated clinical efficacy in B cell malignancies and multiple sclerosis, although there is limited clinical evidence of its efficacy in RA. Fenebrutinib (FEN) an orally active and selective non-covalent inhib...