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October 2023

分子標的療法に効果不十分の関節リウマチ患者における抗GM-CSFオチリマブ対サリルマブまたはプラセボ: フェーズ III 無作為化試験 (contRAst 3)

Ann Rheum Dis. 2023;82(12):1527–1537 doi 10.1136/ard-2023-224449

The ContRAst 3 study investigated otilimab, in RA patients with inadequate responses to multiple treatments. Otilimab did not significantly improve ACR20 versus placebo at Weeks 12 or 24. In addition, there we no significant improvements in secondary endpoints, including disease activity, disability, and pain.



従来型または生物学的抗リウマチ薬に効果不十分な関節リウマチ患者における抗GM-CSDオチリマブとプラセボとトファシチニブ (contRAst 1 と contRAst 2)

Ann Rheum Dis 2023;0:1–11 doi 10.1136/ard-2023-224482

Fleischmann, et al investigated the safety and efficacy of otilimab versus tofacitinib and placebo in RA patients treated with MTX (contRAst 1) or csDMARDs (contRAst 2). They found that while otilimab achieved the primary endpoint of ACR20 versus placebo in Week 12, it did not demonstrate non-inferiority to tofacitinib.