Relationship Between Paraoxonase-1 Genotype and Activity, and Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events and Malignancies in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Receiving Tofacitinib

High paraoxonase activity is associated with a significantly reduced risk of MACE and non-NMSC malignancies in white/European RA patients. The PON1 Q192R RR genotype had a significantly greater association with paraoxonase versus the QQ genotype, but had no significant association with MACE or non-NMSC malignancies.

In this post-hoc analysis by Schoeman, et al., data were pooled from three Phase 2 RCTs and six Phase 3 RCTs, which included two LTE studies. PON1 was a gene of interest as tofacitinib increases its activity levels.