Comparative Performance of Composite Measures From Two Phase III Clinical Trials of Ixekizumab in Psoriatic Arthritis

In this latest investigation into ixekizumab more patients achieved targets assessed by mCPDAI and DAPSA than with other composites. This study assess’ the concordance and variability in performance of the composite measures in patients with PsA, as well as to provide greater granularity to the frequency and severity of residual symptoms in patients who achieve treatment targets.

All composites were affected by higher levels of structural damage or functional impairment, but this was less prevalent in those composite measures without direct measures of functional impairment and other PROs. This suggests therefore that for patients with high baseline functional disability, including structural damage, LDA/MDA may be a more appropriate treatment target than remission. However, the most important implication for clinical practice is that binary achievement of treatment targets assessed with any of the composite measures should not be used alone to inform treatment decisions.