In the latest study by Brunner, et al. secukinumab demonstrated efficacy and safety in the JIA categories of ERA and JPsA. This phase 3 study aimed to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of secukinumab in patients with active ERA and JPsA.

This study was divided into three separate timer periods. Time period 1 consisted of an open label 12-week period of secukinumab utilisation. ACR30 responders were then randomised to receive either secukinumab or placebo, with those experiencing a flare returning to secukinumab therapy. Patients then remained on secukinumab until a total of 104 study weeks had elapsed.

Additionally, the significantly longer time to disease flare in time period 2 and improvement in disease activity observed establish secukinumab as a candidate in the treatment of patients with ERA and JPsA.